"The stone the builders rejected has become the Capstone(Acts 4:11-12)".

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Capstone Way  is  a developer training company founded in 2008 by  an experienced  IT training professional. Capstone Way was formerly known as maclynne & it was renamed  in February 2014 Capstone Way provides java training courses on most popular areas of java deployment.Capstone Way excels at providing quality java developer training services to meet the high-tech  needs of  national and international clients.  

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Java Training.

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Capstone Way offers comprehensive Java training classes - including training for Java SE 7 - that can help get beginners up to speed on Java and help experienced users become experts in Java.Capstone Way is a technology driven developer training company, based in Bangalore, India. Capstone Way provides Java training courses on most popular areas of Java deployment.  Our courses  are designed to get you going with enterprise application development and help you become an expert on core Java EE technologies including Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), Web Services, JavaServer Pages (JSP)Capstone Way  excels at providing quality training services to meet the high-tech needs of both national and international clients. .

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